- 9/11/12

Accent colors

Accent colors are colors that are used for emphasis in a color scheme. These colors can be bold or vivid and are used sparingly, to emphasize, contrast or create rhythm.

Using a very bright or warm color like red or yellow on a large piece of furniture can be overwhelming if not done right. Not everyone can balance out a very bold color, but a they can be judiciously used as accent colors. Even the boldest colors can enliven even the drabbest living space. Pillows, throws, rugs or wall art are good places for using them. They can also be used in not so obvious places such as in frames for pictures or mirrors.


- 8/2/12

Tufting and buttons

Tufting and buttons are in! Don’t over do it or you’ll be in the neo-classic era.

Originally employed to secure cushioning to the backs and seats of upholstered furniture, tufting today is also more for visual interest than practicality. Tufting adds dimension and drama to upholstery because it highlights the fabric and casts shadows in the tufts. When tufted, each type of fabric has a distinct look – velvets seem soft and billowy, metallic fabrics shimmer, and leathers look rich and supple.

Whether tufts are used from top to bottom or more strategically placed, the design will attract notice. Fabrics can be folded under the tufts or piping can be stretched from button to button to emphasize the detail. Contrasting buttons or piping creates a unique look, drawing attention to the furniture’s shape. From antique-inspired pieces to the most contemporary design, tufting accessorizes all kinds of upholstery with sophistication and style.


Upholstered beds

Upholstered beds in leather, microfiber or my favorite Linen, are always great contrast to a bedroom. You can always coordinate with many colors of casegoods to compliment the bed. Lighter colors go very well with darker finished casegoods. Accent your pieces with brighter accessories! Upholstered beds are great to lean and you don’t have to worry about banging your shins!